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Young & Emerging Leaders Forum 2023-24 Cohort

Congratulations to our very own Carmel Lim Torres!

This 9-month program builds a peer-to-peer network of young and emerging professionals within the fields of culture, education, and social change. Jointly hosted by ITAC and Creative Generation, the Young & Emerging Leaders Forum – or YELF – builds from a 2020-21 pilot program. In it’s design, the program will recognize young practitioners from across the fields and be responsive to the needs of the cohort fostering a collaborative learning environment based in critical reflection intended to interrogate, mutually share and learn, and radically reimagaine future possibilities of one’s work.

International Teaching Artists Collaborative | ITAC

ARTguro is beyond excited for one of our Lead Guros, Carmel Lim Torres for her selection to take part in this international program for art leaders from all over the world. The cohort if filled with amazing individuals from different countries, representing their diverse practices in socially engaged art and leadership.

Carmel is a self-professed art lover, maker, and educator. An alumni of the University of the Philippines with a degree in Sculpture and a Masters in International Education from the University of Buffalo, she is a multi-talented and multidisciplinary practicing artist and educator. She has been teaching and sharing her passion for the arts to students of all ages for over 17 years at several institutions of note, including an international school and the University of the Philippines. She is also the founder of My Little Studio in BGC, a fun and open creative space for young budding artists. Carmel’s art spans many different mediums, and works as an advocate for ADHD awareness.

A dedicated mother, artist and printmaker, she is passionate about the processes of creativity, observation, community, connectivity and being.

ARTguro celebrates her, and fellow Filipino Marc Neil Valenciano, as well as all the young art leaders who made it into this years distinguished cohort.

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