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About Us

Art in Education.

ARTguro believes that positive change happens through authentic, arts-driven, culturally contextual education.

We are committed to building an active community of educators who help and motivate each other through the use of creativity in their classrooms; active and positive discussion about their practice and a genuine love for education. It is a unique platform where teachers help fellow teachers with the aim of bettering the state of education in the Philippines through the Arts.

Teachers helping Teachers.

A community of artists, educators, mentors and teachers who support and uplift each other through community.

ARTguro helps teachers find peer support, academic opportunities and spearhead engagement activities for Filipino educators who want to make a difference.


Create connections. Expand the art educator’s network & involvement in all aspects of the curriculum – from the classroom to policy-making.


Provide more opportunities for artist-teacher education, training & specialization in order to increase teacher knowledge & proficiency.


Cultivate genuine teacher relationships and celebrate growth & achievements in order to motivate & strengthen teacher agency.

Cathy Lasam Ballo


Carmel Lim Torres

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