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Pagpapahalaga 2021 Exhibition Opening

“Pagpapahalaga: Pagasa Mula sa mga Guro ng Sining” 2021
Online Exhibition

Our culture and the arts holds a special place in education. As teachers and practitioners of this often overlooked subject, we know just how important it actually is in the curriculum.This exhibit seeks to celebrate each and every Filipino artist – teacher who strives to better their students for their futures.

The future of Philippine education lies in its progression into the arts and the integration of our rich culture and heritage into the ways, and methods that we teach. Pagpapahalaga 2021 wishes to inspire others to take up the call of arts in education, and to celebrate all the visual artists and designers who teach with passion, who work tirelessly for their students, and who are helping shape the future of Filipinos.

The exhibition opens on November 6, 2021, and will be open for public viewing at a link to be posted and shared on the date.

Featuring the amazing works of Teaching Artists:

Allan Zan
Alreed Malilay Zaspa
Anthony Manota
Cathy Lasam
Daz Palermo
Jojo Ballo
Jonathan Sensano
May Abalos Daco

Pagpapahalaga is a series of exhibitions and events that celebrate the talents and efforts of Filipino art teachers all over the country. It hopes to bring awareness to the amazing breadth of skills and knowledge our artist educators bring to their classrooms, and to bring inspiration during these times of difficulty.

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