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Self Care for Teachers

New podcast episode is live!

The ARTguro podcast returns with a relaxing afternoon with artguros Arlene and Riz! As multidisciplinary teachers, Arlene and Riz find ways to balance their life and work through art.

Arlene Naldo is a proud Bicolana and a mother of two. She spent a happy and memorable childhood with her seven (7!) siblings picking flowers, climbing Guava trees, and blowing bubbles using detergent and Gumamela flowers. She is currently a Science grade school teacher and spends her free time painting and creating crafts. Her works in florals weaves together a diverse collection of native and endemic blooms, representing a facet of the Philippines’ natural and cultural heritage. Her paintings reflect the Filipino’s proud connection with nature and the need to protect it.

Rizia Adao is from Paete, Laguna and her creative journey began in 2012. She loves exploring and discovering a wide range of artistic mediums and finds that creating and teaching are her true passions. She wholeheartedly believes that every individual is an artist, graced with limitless creativity. Although society may label some as “creative” and others as “non-creative,” she feels that her role as an art teacher is to liberate and inspire people to embrace their creative essence, break free from societal constraints and advocates that by prioritizing “creating,” the world would be a better place. Riz’s artworks evidence her interest in the profound potentials art and teaching has on younger generations. She expresses the significant role teachers play in molding and guiding young minds, highlighting the importance of embracing and remembering our cultural roots.

Hosted by our amazing kulit host Carmel Lim Torres, the episode delves into Arlene and Riz’s artistic journey in floral painting and urban sketching as they worked through the stresses of the pandemic and of work.
Ep. 1 – “Why is Art important in Education?”

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