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ITAC Think Tank with Cathy Lasam Ballo

ITAC Think Tanks are talks where teaching artists from all over the world share their practice with others. Geared towards a community of teachers, helping fellow teachers, Think Tanks are an amazing opportunity to learn from leading artist educators from many different art fields.

Our founder, Cathy Lasam Ballo was featured for ITAC (International Teaching Artists Collaborative) Think Tank for April 2022. Here she shared her own experiences and methods in teaching and using art as an instrument towards student self discovery, agency and citizenship.

This talk had components of an interactive lecture and a short simulation where participants experienced the arts integrated curriculum process as ‘students.’ Attendees received a Certificate of Participation from ITAC & ARTguro Philippines for their participation.

Watch Cathy’s Think Tank now or on YouTube!

April 2022 Think Tank – Art & Advocacy

ITAC hosts monthly Think Tanks. Do check out upcoming ITAC projects and Think Tanks, all of which are free to access for teaching artists and artguros. Take the opportunity to learn from art and education practitioners from all over the world!

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