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ARThoughts Campaign Launch

ARThoughts, Our Thoughts.

What are your thoughts on art, creativity and Filipino culture in our classrooms? All too often, we listen, read, and digest thoughts of others, of foreign artists and educators. But what are our thoughts? What matters to us as Pinoy art teachers, artists – artguros – and students? What is our truth and how do we add our voices into the mix of thought and dialogue towards change?

ARTguro Philippines launches ARThoughts, Our Thoughts; a collection of quotes from amazing individuals from different fields in the arts and education. It is a gathering of our thoughts on the importance and necessity of the arts, education and creativity.

Make sure to stay tuned as we share our artguros quotes in the following weeks, and invite you to add your own voice to this conversation and dialogue. Let ARThoughts be heard, and let us celebrate what truly matters for the Filipino.

Follow our FB page and our IG account to keep updated as each arthought is shared.

If you would like to join in and share your own quote, please comment down below and we will get in touch. As always, we enjoin you. fellow Filipino educators to share this with others in our aim to truly expand and express the importance of creativity and culture in our classrooms.

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