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The ARTguro Podcast Launch!

Let’s Talk Art and Teach Art

ARTguro launches its very own podcast series made by Filipino art teachers for fellow teachers. Filling a gap for Pinoy art educators who want to make a difference, the ARTguro podcast is uniquely led by seasoned Filipino artists and educators featuring topics that are practical, pedagogical and philosophical – building and providing resources and support.

It is a fun and cozy space for artguros to talk about art education, education opportunities, teacher support, community building, culture and the arts.

Our very first episode; “Why is Art Important in Education?” goes live on December 2, 2022. 5PM PH time (GMT+8). Hosted by artguros Amos, Carmel and Cathy, they will talk about art education in the Philippine setting, their thoughts about MAPEH and why they think that art is important in the Filipino curriculum. Join our Watch Party on YouTube & Spotify for the premiere of our very first episode!

Ep. 1 – “Why is Art important in Education?”

The ARTguro Podcast will have new episodes up every first Friday of the month so don’t forget to Follow and Subscribe to our Channels!

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