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Making Change Happen

Art & Education are the Vehicles for Change

Teaching artists are able to activate, develop and guide the artistic potential of each person towards positive results, they are the workforce that practices teaching artistry as a catalyst for personal, cultural, and social transformation.

International Teaching Artists Collaborative | ITAC

Making Change has arrived at ARTguro in Manila!

Making Change are books on exactly that – about making change. In its words, its intentions and in its actions. Here, artguros, teaching artists, artisteachers share how we all have the power towards creating lasting positive change in our communities. Spread the word, as we in Manila are talking about art, teaching and change through this book for our artguros as part of our celebration ARTguro Fest 2023 for National Teachers Month at the NCCA.

Thank you so much Eric Booth and ITAC for these amazing books that traveled halfway across the world to land in the hands of our art changemakers.

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